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Religion is one of biggest influences that many people around the world experience, just as well is a reoccurring theme throughout the memoir Persepolis by Marjane Satrapi. Persepolis is the story of Marjane’s life growing up Iran during the 1970s, taking place in Iran’s capital Tehran during a time of hardship where the country was undergoing major political and social changes that would forever change the nation, known as The Iranian Revolution. Marjane is a young girl trying to live a normal childhood, however due to the situation of her country it is doubtful she gets to live a normal childhood. In this essay I will be exploring the question how does Satrapi presents the development of her relationship with her faith. Religion is an influence that many people first come upon through their childhood, just as Satrapi expresses in the first chapters. How Marjane gained her knowledge of religion and developed her beliefs during her childhood is extremely interesting. Despite the second panel on page 6 with the caption “I was born with religion” Marjane somewhat illustrates that she did not grow up in a religious family. Her faith as a child…show more content…
As a child Marjane appears to have a certain naiveté of God, believing him as a faultless figure that leads and a figure too admire. At first, God for Marjane is a figure for emotional support and comfort. In panel 8 page 25, Marjane is distraught after finding out her grandfather was tortured in prison for all his life and wants to take a long bath. In this panel God reappears after disappearing in page 16 and is seen sitting beside her in the bath, Marjane is clearly scared and God reappears to comfort her. On page 53 panel 8 Marjane reinforces the security she felt around he God when referring “The only place she felt safe was in the arms of my friend” and she is seen embraced in the arms of her

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