Socrates Apology And Crito Analysis

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Wisdom is not something I can say that is easily defined because it seems to have many different dimensions and everyone may have a different definition for the topic or word itself. Wisdom is the ability to think and act with knowledge, understanding, experience, insight, and common sense. It is considered a cardinal virtue and is a habit to perform action with a high amount of accuracy when it comes to knowledge. Wisdom implies a strong possession of knowledge or seeking knowledge in order to apply it to circumstances. Wisdom is not only about book sense and morals but it also includes understanding people, events, situations, and the capability to apply perception, and judgment. Wisdom requires control of your emotional reactions so that…show more content…
Which means to me being wise and knowing nothing at all I think him saying this means that if you know nothing at all use that to dig deeper into what it is that you do not know by challenging yourself to know more because no one knows everything about everything there is always something that we have no clue of. From reading Socrates Apology and Crito I would say that having a conversation between the two of us would turn into a great debate and I would end up agreeing with mostly what he says since I was able to relate and agree to a lot that he stated in both The Crito and The Apology. I think Socrates definition and explanation would go into much more depth than I would be able to go. He would interrogate me in every way possible not to mock me but to help me exercise a deeper critical thinking or to help me to see the bigger picture like he did in the Crito. In the Crito he asked a series of questions not to question Crito’s knowledge but to convince him that he was following the right course and Crito agreed with most of the points that were given to him. With this being said I don’t think anything would change as far as Socrates answer in the Crito than it would be if we were to be debating my definition of wisdom versus

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