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1. Describe what role recounting the past plays in this process. 2. Give examples of places where Celie, although she is a victim, displays a dignity of language in recounting her life. 3. Tell how Celie succeeds in reinventing herself. The book “The Color Purple” by Alice Walker was about the discovery of oneself by a young woman, who endures sexual, physical and emotional abuse by the hands of the men she encounters in her life. Celie lived a shunned, voiceless life and she struggles to find love, self-esteem and courage in the face of cruel conditions. Celie’s ordeal started when she was a teenager, she was sexually abused by her step-father, whom she believed was her real father. She was forced into a traditional sexual role by becoming…show more content…
She was forced to become a wife, mother and essentially a slave for this family. During this abusive relationship, Celie discovered a path that would soon lead to self-discovery. Celie’s discovery of her identity begins with the presence of Shug Avery and the bond that they formed. Shug Avery gave Celie a sense of her distinctive beauty and inner self, which began the process of Celie reinventing herself. The discovery of Nettie’s letters that Mr. kept hidden, the relationship with Shug Avery gave Celie the ability to express her thoughts and feelings towards Albert and unlocked a new realm for her, which gave her the strength to leave him. For example, when the family was sitting at the table having dinner and it was mentioned that Celie was moving to Memphis with Shug and Albert disapproved of her leaving, and Celie voiced her feelings about her relationship with him and the abuse that she endured over the years. Celie’s actions gain her the respect that she deserved as a human being. She began to realize who she was and value what she can become. This was evident as she continues to write; the first portions of her letters did not contain a signature as she continues to write she started to write her name at the end of her

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