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What is a Typical Day Like for an Army Nurse? Generally speaking, the typical day for an Army nurse is similar to a registered nurse in civilian health care organizations. An Army nurse has a routine schedule that includes morning meetings, patient appointments, administrative tasks and collaboration with other health care professionals. Read below to learn about the different army nurse jobs and how to become one. Nurse Military Occupational Specializations The typical day for an Army nurse depends on their Military Occupational Specializations, or MOS. For example, Army Public Health Nurses, 66B, are tasked with caring for all military and civilian personnel within the local military community. They participate in community assessments, promote public health programs and support community outreach activities. A Nurse Anesthetist, 66F, performs the same function as a pre-op anesthetist in the civilian world. A Family Nurse Practitioner, 66P, typically helps both children and adults during regular business hours through conducting patient care, preventing disease and collaborating with other health care professionals. However, they also assist with oversees emergency missions. Other MOSs include Mental Health Nurse, 66C, and Medical-Surgical Nurse, 66H. Search for your…show more content…
An ROTC nursing student program incorporates standard college electives, health care courses, military science and a summer clinical program. However, Army ROTC programs emphasize discipline and leadership skills, which are invaluable to every successful nurse. After graduating from the ROTC program and college, students are commissioned as an officer of the Army Nurse Corps. The best benefit of this path is that Army ROTC nurse graduates have exclusive training and experience that cannot be gained elsewhere. The Army Nurse Corps prides itself on being a meritocracy. That is, promotions are based on performance and

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