Nurse Shift Report

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Change of shift report involves two nurses exchanging important information related to each patient admitted. Shift report is necessary to guide the nurse during the plan of care and help the nurse collect any significant history related to the reason for admission. The three types of shift reports include bedside report, phone report and face to face report. Bedside report is the preferred type of reporting, which involves each nurse standing in the patients room and involving the patient during exchange of information. This type of reporting empowers patients to help them feel involved in their plan of care. Phone report is convenient and most frequently used in critical settings. The emergency departments most often uses phone reporting when a patient who coded is on the way to the hospital in order to prepare the room for emergency equipment. Face to face reporting involves the nurses in the nurse station exchanging patient information. Face to face reporting helps the nurse freely discuss to the nurse concerns about the patient which would be more appropriate to…show more content…
The main strengths were clear communication, prioritizing information based on most critical components, and time management to receive report in a reasonable time frame. Clear communication in report is essential. Sometimes nurses focus on giving report as quick as possible, and the potential for error is increased. At North Cypress, the nurses make sure to relate any information in a clear manner so confusion is eliminated. Prioritizing information can be challenging when you have five patients. I believe the nurses were able to look at information related to each patient and prioritize the interventions needed to be done based on report. Finally, time management during report was excellent. Report only took 20 minutes for all patients received, which helped the nurse used time to analysis and plan for the day before going to see the

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