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I’m aspiring to work in the medical field as a neonatal nurse, with lots of research I have decided that this is the top career I want to pursue and plan on studying for. Neonatal nurses work with infants with a variety of health problems, mostly premature babies, but in other cases the issue might be a surgical complication, heart malformation, birth defect, or an infection. A neonatal nurses duties also include delivering and transporting babies and mothers, resuscitating infants after birth, changing diapers, administering medication, and holding new babies for comfort and care. There are three levels of care provided for newborn babies, the first is level one, where infants are mostly healthy and have a short hospital stay, level two is for babies who were born prematurely and are ill, and finally level three is the NICU (neonatal intensive care unit), where the care provided is more specialized and equipment such as ventilators are used. Neonatal nurse often witness the miracle of birth but they also view untimely infant deaths.…show more content…
Being a neonatal nurse, you are expected to work some weekends, evenings, and holidays, although some hospitals schedule a 3-day week with a 12-hour shift, other hospitals schedule 8-hour shifts. Being a neonatal nurse is not easy it can be a stressful job, emotionally and mentally, nurses are required to have a strong mind and a kind heart, they must also be caring and in control every second of their shift. I am interested in this profession because I love babies and in my understanding I know this career consists of taking care of ill babies who could possible die, I want to help these babies and hopefully help them have a second chance of having a better life. Also, working in the medical field has always been my top choice for my future, but I wasn’t sure what career to

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