Ethical Principles Of Ethics In Nursing

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Main body In this case study, the ethical principles that were possibly breached in this article presented by BBC (2013) are beneficence, fidelity and veracity. As mentioned ealier, beneficence is to promote the well being of others. However, the nurses that was assigned to the patient did not administer medication, insulin and also failed to carry out tests for blood sugar level. Therefore, these nurses has breached this principle by failure to care the well being of this patient. The team of nurses do not bother reading plaintiff’s medical notes certainly violates the ethical principle of non-maleficence, it cause harm to the plaintiff intentionally. The nurse, who is taking over should have read the medical notes, bearing in mind that plaintiff is a newly…show more content…
Hence, the nurses should have accept their wrongdoing for failing to do their duty as a nurse. They should also fulfill their duty even though how busy. SNB codes of conduct and standard of care established and set the foundation for the nursing proffesionals in their standard of practising. Allowing collectively upholding the standards of nursing practising and maintaining the trust of the public. However, the article by BBC and dailymail (2013), shows a violation and breach of SNB codes of ethics and standard of care. The nurses fail to perform the basic checks on the plaintiff by not reading her medical notes and also failed to safeguard the plantiff’s health by their incompetency to check the medical notes and plaintiff’s blood sugar level and to administer insulin when the plaintiff’s glucose level is very high. The nurse failed monitor the plaintiff’s condition, such as blood glucose and check the medical notes of the plaintiff; this omission is unacceptable as checking of patient’s medical notes are the basic thing that every nurse should
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