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Have you ever thought about how that person taking care of your Son , Daughter or even yourself got to where they are today or what motivated them today. I’ve asked many nurses what made them make that step towards a caring field. Many say the money or even the great health benefits or even the great hours you can get and still get paid while sitting at home or even on vacation. But it can be challenging but nothing in life is given without a little hard work. All in something about being there for good news and bad , being that guy or girl is currical in someone's life it takes a special type of someone for that job and I feel I’m capable of that type of work in the field. Nursing isn't meant for only girls either the field is in need of male nurses and that's why drives me more to become one because it's like someone is flashing a batman symbol in the sky but its for male nurses and It's my job to respond to the call. To become a Nurse you must partake in four years of schooling and get a (RN) Registered Nursing Degree and if you'd wanna become a nurse practitioner you'd have to spend at least one year on the floor at a hospital and go back to school for another year so a total of five years depending on what you'd like to do. Having a 4…show more content…
In that case you need to do your job take care of the patient first then deal with the drama later. In all conclusion take the diare situation in your hands and focus on what's important saving a life or dealing with someone's mental state just assure them that everything will be fine and make sure that they understand that there love one is in good hands and to have faith in the

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