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The Impact of Caring: A Nurse’s Job The main objective of a nurse is to be caring, so that every patient may feel secure while being taken care of during healing. Evidence shows that there are many connections between topics in nursing, especially “human presence and caring” (Papastavrou et al., 2012, p. 370). The more interpersonal the relationship between a nurse and patient is, the more effective the healing process and overall care will be for the patient. According to Nelson (2011), a caring physician makes the patient feel valued. Being present in the healthcare setting also helps the patient feel less secluded, while the nurse is there as both a companion and provider. What makes this relationship of trustworthiness so unique and different…show more content…
Refining the skills of caring can prompt patients to feel more comfortable, knowing that the hospital environment is not as upsetting as it may seem from first glance. It is natural for a patient to worry or stress about their condition, mostly if the nurse is not calm or able to assess and handle the situation properly in a suitable manner. The satisfaction in knowing that all medical workers are not only compassionate but also well-educated and equipped can change the future. When one nurse encourages other nurses to spread patient care and sympathy, they will soon follow and likewise begin to uphold a better perspective and deliverance of high-quality patient-centered care (Clarke, 2014). Within the healthcare workforce, each individual is expected to know and do. To be more specific, a nurse is expected to be able to follow instructions he or she has been told do to, and must incorporate them into both written and physical demonstrations. One must realize that there will not be the same support for the nurse after a length of time, such as the starting point. That is to say, each nurse becomes independent once he or she has reached a point of carrying on alone, without help from others and only articles with other written works as resources. That way, each nurse can be prepared to train others in the next

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