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The Family Nurse Practitioners Role and Settings Family Nurse Practitioners (FNP) are Registered Nurses who work directly under physicians to provide health care. The Practitioner is much like a family doctor, FNP’s work with patients throughout lives to diagnose illnesses, prescribe therapy and medication, conduct routine check-ups, order patient laboratory tests, assist in minor surgical procedures, and focus on disease prevention. Edelman, Kudama and Mandle (2014) suggested that the modern movement for nurse practitioners began in 1965, which allowed nurses to become primary care providers in various health care settings. The purpose of this paper is to look at the role and settings of the Family Nurse Practitioner. Advance Practice Nursing…show more content…
It is very important to get the correct test results to the right staff person in a timely manner Joint Commission Accreditation (JCA) (2014). To prevent accidents alarms on equipment should be checked to ensure they prevent serious accidents of overmedicating patients. Educating licensed staff on the proper use of new equipment can also avoid serious accidents. In-service and educate both clinical and non-clinical staff on infection control issues, proper hand-washing before and after touching patients, before and after personal hygiene or any potential infection control issues related to the spread of infections (JCA,…show more content…
This is what ignited the interest of several nurse practitioner specialty organizations. As a result the group developed a postgraduate fellowship program which includes interprofessional (Nurse Practitioners; Surgeons, Medical Intensivists, Critical Care Pulmonologists and Neurologist, a Radiologist, Pharmacist, and experts from both nursing and medical stimulation centers. Participants were required to take a pre and post survey. Results of the surveys indicated an increase in ratings from a mean pre-score of 2 (little experience to a post fellowship means score of 3 (competent) for each cohort (Harris, 2014). It is their opinion, creating the postgraduate fellowship program increased confidence, knowledge and understanding of the NP roles, skills and the ability to manage critically ill patients (Harris,

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