Ear Perceptual Development

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Breast feeding Breast feeding is a period of life in which the mother gives the newborn a suitable food for your needs: breast milk; not only considering its composition but also the emotional aspect. Therefore, it is known as a special experience, special and unique. Breastfeeding has been seen as a facilitator of an appropriate social and emotional development by encouraging the mother-child bond (Santrock, 2015). Breast milk contains everything that the child needs during the first six months of life, promoting its growth, maturation and health. Many of the components of the same are responsible to protect them, while their immune system completes its development, stocked of diseases such as colds, bronchiolitis, pneumonia, diarrhea, ear…show more content…
In the first year of life development perceptual evolves with extreme rapidity. Perceptual development in children is the reason why psychologists and people who study child development recommend providing rich environments in stimuli (Santrock, 2015). Development takes place in leaps for many children in this age. They are dedicated to meet and interact with the world around them and learn more about everything he touches, you see, can smell, hear and taste. More than 90% of the growth of infants occurs during the first three years of life through visual stimuli, auditory and tactile (Bornstein et. al., 2014). One of the experiences that contribute to this growth and to the stimulation of the brain, is the formation of ties between parents and their son generating love. This is accomplished through touch, which is the way to build confidence and…show more content…
Others, however, need to be refined or developed more slowly. An example of this can be seen to remember that infants do not have very good vision. However in a matter of weeks begin to discern between different patterns and improve the perception of the colors, and can even track your movements. Surround with materials enriching as mobile of bright colors and toys with drawings striking can significantly help to this development in infants. Moreover, the sense of smell of a baby develops inside the womb. Babies recognize the smell of amniotic fluid from the mother. As with the touch, a baby can recognize his mother through the sense of smell. The smells of other members of the family that the baby comes into contact with daily living are also familiar quickly, helping the baby to identify different people (Santrock, 2015). Perceptual development process is very closely linked with motor development (Bornstein et. al., 2014). For example, as children grow up, they begin to be able to hold the head on their own, and can turn the head so his eyes to explore their environment. Similarly, the ability to crawl, and then to stand allows opportunities for the intentional engagement with the surrounding world. When a baby develops manual dexterity you can begin to manipulate objects such as rattles and

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