American Life In The Seventeenth-Century Colonies

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Chapter 4 | American Life in the Seventeenth Century 1. “Describe the basic population structure and social life of the seventeenth-century colonies.” The social structure in the South started with the plantation owners on top, then small farmers, followed by landless Whites, and finally Black slaves. In 1676 in Virginia, a rebellion occurred that was led by Nathaniel Bacon who tried to combat their low social standing and were also dislikes Governor William Berkeley’s friendly policies towards the Native Americans. Though it failed, this rebellion showed a desire among the lower classes to not be forced to stay in one socioeconomic position for their whole lives. 2. “Compare and contrast the different populations and ways of life of the southern colonies and New England.” Life in the South revolved around the plantations, as the aristocracy was composed of plantation owners, and the rest of the people either owned small plots of land or were landless. It was a very hierarchical society, the opposite of the democratic North. Life revolved around the family. Birth rates were much higher in New England, and this allowed for the creation of…show more content…
“Provide examples of the diverse and complex societies which inhabited the Americas before 1607.” The Aztecs dominated the land of Mexico before the Spanish arrived, and they were a very prominent people. They were incredibly wealthy and had a massive city in Tenochtitlan, larger than any European city. The Incas in Peru had massive mountain cities like Machu Picchu. Overall the South American civilizations were more advanced than the ones in North America. On the East Coast, the main group of Indians were the Powhatans, who ruled several other tribes in the area. The Cahokia ruled the land near St. Louis, and a fragile alliance existed between the Algonquian, Iroquois, and Muskogean. These civilizations spoke the same languages (mostly) and were tribal, just unlocking the secret of

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