Personal Narrative: Lessons Learned From My Failure

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I did not fail a class and realize my work ethic had gone down the drain. I did not fail to reach a goal and realize that hard work changes everything. No, the lesson I learned from my failure was much bigger than that. This failure affected the entire course of my life. Going into freshman year, I had never failed a class, let alone a test, or even a quiz. I proudly lived a life with minimal failures. Unfortunately my ego bested me, and I believed I was immune, but I learned early on that this was not the case. Freshman year brought many new things, failure included. I began my high school career as a shy and nerdy new girl at a huge public school, one nothing like my small private middle school. Not everyone at my new school was kind and welcoming, and no…show more content…
The girl looking at her was not me; she lost a considerable amount of weight, bore constant dark circles around her eyes, and carried an air of misery around with her. After extensive research, she paralleled many of my symptoms with those of depression. This crushed her; I refused to believe it. Within a week I found myself sitting in the office of a local psychologist, Dr. Holly. The next three words she spoke changed my life forever: “you are depressed.” I fought this diagnosis harder than anything before, but the further Dr. Holly explained it, the more my failures made sense. My depression was ugly, it transformed me into an unrecognizable person, and the simple diagnosis did not chase it off. Over the next nine months I visited Dr. Holly regularly, started a daily dose of antidepressants, and began trying to adjust my thinking. Those nine months were a roller coaster; I had ups and downs, times where I thought the ride would never end, and periods of complete joy. My perception of the world healed first. The color and beauty of life slowly returned, once masked by my gray attitude. I began healing next, and shreds of my former self

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