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The national issues involving slavery weren’t always present. Slavery had been deeply rooted into society all the way back the colonial days; however only a handful of people identified with the extreme brutality and immorality that went hand in hand with forced labor. A combination of of underlying forces slowly piled up in the dark until they were revealed and forced to be dealt with. The became clear to the U.S. citizens in the North of what an ugly monster their own nation had created. The most central force that naturally created a rift between the nation was the geographic boundaries between the North and South. The South had large tracts of fertile land that encouraged plantations with slave labor; on the other hand the North had rock, infertile soil and quick moving water that created the immense industrial movement in the…show more content…
Shown in [Document 1] the map gives people outside the time-zone and idea of how the abolition movement centered and began in the North. The initial reason for this wasn’t for morality rather the need for slavery wasn’t as prominent. This”limitation” allowed for early abolition of slavery with the title of North as free soil and the idea of “All men are created Equal” began to spread like wildfire. Newspapers in the North began to state their opinions brashly and unafraid of barbaric southern slave owners; shown in [Document 4]. William Lloyd Garrison, the author of document 4, was a very liberal man that believed slavery was an evil that went against the ideals of America and against God. The raging fire of opposition towards slavery went to new extremes when the Second Great Awakening took the nation by storm. Surprisingly the movement started in the South and found a place in the peoples heart that could connect to the minority

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