News Media And Stereotypes

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When most people think of the news, they believe that the information that is being reported is delivered in a single version which is truthful and accurate. However, there are two methods or versions that news media outlets can utilize to deliver the account of events to audiences. It can be transmitted in a raw matter or it can also be delivered in an edited piece. Many times when a story is delivered raw or un-censored, the images that are shown to viewers are not tone down and are very real. The videos also demonstrate exactly was has happened without editing any piece of it. Viewers are watching the story exactly as it occurred and are getting a firsthand look at the events. When the story has been edited or filtered, the end result is a more polish story with segments that are arranged well.…show more content…
For example, in the first video about the Boston marathon bombings, the video depicts exactly what occurred on that day without removing any images that audiences might find disturbing or shortening the clips to create a more elegant account. The video does not contain a narrator or interviews from people involved or at the scene. The sounds that are present in the video are very real. Viewers can clearly hear the people screaming in the background, the shock in their voice and at times the use of foul language. Once the viewer catches a glimpse of the video, they are left with disbelief and in a state of shock because the feelings and emotions are so raw, actual and

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