Sexual Allegations

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Sexual and Rape Allegations There are two separate cases that brought attention to the news media involving sexual allegations. The first case was Bill Cosby, an African American male who had a career in stand-up comedy in Philadelphia and New York since the 1960's. Later, in 1984 he produced and appeared in various TV sitcoms, becoming an icon in regards to family values. Mr. Cosby viewed by the public as the perfect American father/dad in the television world. His life and career choices did not run parallel to the stereotypes imposed on African American males. Bill Cosby was educated, very successful, and had built a legacy. Also, he received numerous honors for his commitment to building and educating communities on family values.…show more content…
Jared Fogle a Caucasian male, the spoke's person for the sandwich chain Subway restaurant. Jared accused and plead guilty to the sexual allegation charges of soliciting sex from minors, and the receipt and distribution of child pornography. Jared becomes the face of the Subway sandwich chain back in 2000 when he professed to have lost 245 pounds by exercising and eating Subway sandwiches. Jared appeared in a commercial that marketed Subway as a healthier choice for fast food once sharing his story of weight loss. Jared campaigning for Subway increased sales by 20 percent and made the stores over 7 billion dollars within a few years. Jared also lost the endorsement of Subway sandwich chain. Subway claims to have no further relationship with Jared…show more content…
You would think that the news media and the public would take more interest in the sexual allegation case about the children. Rather than Bill Cosby allegedly drugging and have un-consensual sex with grown women. The public has more input to a situation/issue than they realize. The media can cause a person to take a side on an issue without knowing all the facts. As well as being blind to an issue right in front of your face, because the news media, directs your focus on who, what and where they want it. If the news media constantly broadcast and issue giving limited information or facts. The public can be forced to believe the information being provided, and draw an opinion based on that information. The news media in some cases focus more on what sells and what will increase the rating. It is my opinion negatively does sell more, and it also increases the public's interest in a story. It appears that it is not about how factual the information is, but how juicy the juicier a story is, the

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