Stereotypical Behavior Among African Americans

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Roberson Dasha V.Russel Enc. 1101 Stereotypical Behavior Among African Americans As an African American woman there are stereotypes around every corner. The media, such as: television, music, news, magazine articles, and satirical cartoons, has a huge influence on American life. The media portrays every African American into many unwanted pictures. This is done through music videos, rap songs, and pop culture as well as satirical cartoons, and news media. Black men and women draw the short end of the stick in society; they are judged as lesser value. Sometimes it's done unknowingly but there are many African Americans that are quite successful. According to Black Firsts, Condoleezza Rice, for example, "became the youngest and first black chief…show more content…
This is done by smiling a lot, dressing unobtrusively, and using behavioral conversation techniques such as “yes, sir” or “no, ma’am”. They try to stir away from the belief that African Americans are angry, dangerous, and aggressive. Decades after segregation and slavery, biased views of the black community stubbornly thrive in our nation. According to Slavery in America, when African American slaves were freed there were many questions posed by white Americans, according to Slavery in America. “If they were granted, could blacks live up to the responsibility of citizenship? Could blacks and whites live together as equals? Could whites, trained to an arrogant sense of their own superiority; learn to accept blacks as political equals – let alone social equals? Could blacks trained to obedience and dependence, support themselves once freed? Would they work if no one forced them to?”(Schneider 248). To majority of the African American population, because of media stereotype, these questions are still being posed. The community as a whole is criticized from the mistakes of one individual. Whereas in the Caucasian community if something is done, not up to par with societies teaching, that individual receives their judgment as one individual that possibly made a…show more content…
Rap music is alive with every stereotype thrown in the faces of African Americans. Songs are written to help demean and belittle our culture. The world is being influenced to believe that if you are not a woman that can “twerk”, have a big “understructure”, is a gold-digger, has an attitude, or sexually exploits herself, you are not a “real black woman”. Or if you are a man that doesn’t sell drugs, have a gun, play a sport, or become a rapper, have money, and have been to prison at least once, that you are not a “real black man”. Songs like Nicki Minajs’ “Anaconda” contain lyrics that set a picture in the mind of our nation. It perceives everyone to think that having big rounded buttocks is common in almost all African American females. Songs like Lupe Fiascos “hurt me soul” explain how gangster rap influenced the children in the black community and slumming neighborhoods. The song also demonstrates the lives of what is assumed to be the average life of the African American community. It depicts mothers unable to feed their children, boyfriends beating their girlfriends, trading of sex for money, and the law enforcement having no respect for the community as people. The lyrics of the song reveal the struggle of many Americans rather than those in the black community. Stereotypes, however, cause Americans to only see one color as they absorb the lyrics of this song. In movie roles and

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