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5. The Perceived Realism of African American Portrayals on Television Narissra M. Punyanunt-Carter This paper presents a study on the impression of “Black” people on television. It talks about how portrayal of African-Americans in television is believed to be true by millions of viewers. For portraying Africa-Americans in a negative light, the media has been condemned by the people. It talks about various portrayals of African-Americans in television and other sources of media such as occupational roles, negative personality characteristics, low achieving status. Under occupational roles it talks about how “Black” people are depicted as house maids, cook, basketball players, gangsters and thugs. Under negative personality roles it talks about…show more content…
It talks about the negative impact it has on the youth especially the “Black” community as they mimic the negative portrayals aired on television. It discusses how teachers can assist and guide their students to recognize the common stereotyping. Steven F. Gray identifies many portrayals of African-Americans that are present in the media. Such as Savage, Mammy and Sambo. Mammy is supposed to be big built “African-American” women who are loud mouthed. “Black” community are portrayed as savages, primitive, idiotic, moronic and undeveloped. This is amongst the most famous term used to stereotype the African-American. Sambo the term was prevalent during the era of oppression. The Sambos were portrayed as slaves that were lazy, and who needed guidance from their dominant “White” master. They were seen as jovial and someone who was privileged to work for his owner. Thus this lead to stereotyping of the African-American community and the trend started emerging in media and other broadcasting channels. Lastly it concludes by saying that in order to combat stereotyping we need to educate students about the harms caused by stereotyping to various communities and thus bring notable solutions to fight stereotyping in the…show more content…
The Television Portrayals of African Americans and Racial Attitude Joni G.V. Dubriel This paper presents a review of television stereotyping of “Black” people. It talks about the negative impact it has on the society especially towards the African-American community. Studies have proven that the negative portrayal of various minority groups leads to a hostile behaviour and perception about them by the dominant community. The research paper provides statement of the problem, significance of study literature. It provides methods used to conduct the research such as hypotheses, research design, participants, materials and procedure. It also provides the end result of the research and discussion. It concludes by saying that the portrayal of negative images of minorities has a negative impact in the society and stimulates people’s behaviour and

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