Examples Of Racial Stereotypes In The Media

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The overwhelming amount of racial stereotypes present in the media today is appalling. Every day it seems as though the general public is flooded with images of different races behaving stereotypically. These stereotypes are presented across all media platforms but television is definitely one of the most obvious. These racist stereotypes are typically a subtle norm in the world today. The fictional characters that we are most often exposed to usually fulfill the publicly known racist stereotypes. People grow up associating certain races with the traits and characteristics of these characters, becoming blind to the individuality that each person possesses within each race. Culturally, people within one racial category may be similar, but stereotypes only touch on the surface level of…show more content…
As individuals, we need to remember to see beyond skin color and look at who people are. One must remember to see people as individuals instead of allowing their race to define them. Every black woman isn’t sassy like Raven Symone or motherly like Aunt Jemima. Every young black man isn’t in a violent gang or a drug abuser. Every Hispanic isn’t an illegal immigrant with a thick and undistinguishable accent. Every Native American isn’t a poor alcoholic who owns a casino. Every Asian isn’t good at math, unemotional, and robotic. Every white person isn’t basic with a superiority complex, money, and an ignorant attitude. These images of various races are presented linearly, while in reality every person is multi-dimensional. Just because someone is of a particular race, that doesn’t mean that they will fulfill their own racial stereotype. These stereotypes are hyper-exaggerations of tiny truths found in only a portion of the race’s population. As we change our views and attitudes and push for change within the media, racial definitions will hopefully change as
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