Personal Narrative Essay: Why You Are You Home

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“Michael, are you home?” asked my parent.I shouted back, “Yeah, mom!’’ and went downstairs. Mom looked happy to see me. She just got back from visiting family in Canada. She gave me a big hug, and then my dad walked in just as excited to see me. It's been a week since I’ve seen them. It was nice to see them happy again. I didn't see them happy very often. We didn't have a lot of money so my parents were always working and tired after putting in long hours. The reason they went to Canada was to see if my dad could get a better paying job there. My dad was offered a job which would start next month which meant that he might be moving away. I didn't want my family to split up for a period of time so I helped as much as I could. I told them I…show more content…
But I did it for my family so my dad wouldn't have to move to Canada. I regularly break into cars and steal things and sell them. The money isn’t bad, but it’s not enough to keep my dad from taking that job in Canada. I realized cars were worth more than the things I was stealing so the other day, I stole a car, and sold them to people that hired me. Stealing the car was a adrenaline rush, but now I’m always nervous. I’m afraid that I will get caught by the cops. There might have been witnesses or even video tape. My best friend Dave, who is always there for me, is really good with computers and hacked into the cops computers to erase any records of the theft. After that, every now and then, I was hired by important people to steal cars. Sometimes they were just street cars, but other times they were imported from different countries. So I started off small and after a few years I started to get hired to steal more cars for this gang. My friend, Dave had a police gps to tell me where they were and always erased all records of me so it was hard for me to get caught. I have known Dave since we were kids. He was always a reliable friend, and I could trust him with

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