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TITLE: Evaluate the long-term effects of being a night shift nurse has on the body compared to the health of a daytime nurse and the effects their health has on the quality of work. INVESTIGATOR: Mike Caravella Team: Professor McGloin A. SPECIFIC AIMS This study is being conducted to determine the health problems that night time nurses suffer compared to day time nurses, and how these health problems effect there quality of work within a hospital setting. The main research question guiding this cohort method is: What is the impact does night shift nurse’s health have their quality of work? Sub-Question What are some long-term health issues that night shift nurses have to deal with that daytime nurses do not? B. BACKGROUND AND…show more content…
There has been previous research on the topic of nurses and there health declines while on the job after so many years. One previous study clearly states “Shift work can have a negative impact on the employee and could lead to increased drug use, job-related stress, poor job performance, insomnia, and disrupted social and family life”(Linsokuhle 2014) this shows that there could be a connection between job performance and health of the nurse. Along with this article, it talks about night shift nurses dealing with such health issues as hypertension and obesity which can have a serious effect on work performance. Nurses are known for having to deal with such issues as smoking and alcohol abuse due to such a stressful working environment. Being ill in this kind of stressful environment can lead to poor decision-making and the nurse not being fit for duty. Another journal expresses their thought on night work when stating “night work has been recognized as one of the most prevalent occupational factors, affecting about 15 to 20% of the working population in Europe and North America, and has been linked to some chronic…show more content…
Every nurse will have an equal chance of getting the questionnaire but not all who signed the waiver will. This questionnaire will ask questions about their personal health such as any illnesses, drug use, new smoking habits and social behaviors. The second part of this questionnaire will ask about the quality of care they feel they give and that other nurses on their shift give. When speaking in terms of quality care, the questionnaires will specifically talk about, attentiveness, ability to help the patient and the shape of the person in case of an emergency. The nurses will have three weeks from the original send date to send the questionnaire back, this will give the subjects plenty of time to observe their coworkers and answer the questions to the best of their ability. These questionnaires will be distributed every six months for the next three years to different nurses. We will take the data and create statistics on what health issues nighttime nurses deal with and how they affect the quality of their work within a medical

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