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2.1. Advantages of PowerPoint 2.1. Producing Better Visual Effects and Deeper Impression The contents of a science lecture is often abstract, sometime they are hard to explain using chalkboard. However, by presenting PowerPoint slides inserted with pictures, flow charts, schematics, animations, even video clips, the lecture may become vivid and attractive to students. For example, in chemistry, the shift between two conformations of a molecular is hard to explain using chalk writing, but it could be easily demonstrated by two figures in PowerPoint. For another example, when explaining physicochemical process "sintering", a series of pictures of scanning electronic microscope could be displayed to show the process that granules adsorption,…show more content…
Before presentation, by editing or reviewing the PowerPoint file, the teacher has enough time to check term spelling, expression of a conception or a theory, logicality of formula derivation, as well as the precision of numbers and data, etc. Therefore the verbal expression in lecture would be more accurate and maybe mistake-free. To students, this is essential for correct and accurate comprehension of the science knowledge. After class, by collecting feedback from the students, the instructor would easily optimize PowerPoint slides to fit the students by editing slides. On the other hand, PowerPoint slides may be systemically organized. The clear outline could be helpful for students to construct correct knowledge in…show more content…
The lecture may thus lack eye-contacts between teacher and students. This may zoom out the distance between them. A lecture without eye-contact, is similar to a "virtual- lecture" in some aspect. If the contents of a lecture are not well-arranged, or if the instructor is not familiar with the contents, he may tend to omit asking questions or discussion with students. We noticed that many science students are relatively shy. In such situations they would move their eyes from screen to textbook, thus the instruction would become a monologue of the teacher. On the contrary, one of the advantages of traditional lecture is that, with enough interaction, students may easily catch the thought of instructor. This merit of chalk-and-talk lecture may be the main reason for that some professors are always welcomed even though they may never use PowerPoint in their presentation. 3. 3 The high speed may reduce participation of

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