Essay On Advantages And Disadvantages Of Globalization

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The next part is about how globalization is related to information technology and what kind of impacts does it give to the society, country and even the world. People are now living in a borderless world. Everything can be gained through technology, for example, people can buy things that they want just by clicking online. This is one of the results of globalization. Globalization that leads to advanced technology has its own advantages and disadvantages. First of all, the world nowadays is globally connected by high-technology communication and systems, and this has caused tremendous diffusion of knowledge. The exchange of information, concepts, expertise, and new knowledge have fewer boundaries, thus leading to an even quicker accumulation and exchange of knowledge. The growing of knowledge will later on contribute in people embracing wisdom. According to Chareonwongsak (2002), he said that this advanced…show more content…
Individuals put a lot of their information online especially through social media, for example Instagram and Twitter. They may think that had actually made their account private, but how far do they think it is actually private? Do they think that they can hide their information and personal privacy from everyone? Chareonwongsak (2002) actually questioned about this. He said that some sectors sometimes violate peoples’ personal rights and freedoms through various methods in order to obtain the personal data. Some of the methods use are by electronic identification such as DNA sampling and electronic fingerprinting, bar-code systems, satellite photographs, phone taps, and other methods. So, the question here is that what happens to peoples’ personal identity if the information stored in the central database is lost, stolen or altered? Besides that, the scariest part is that some people might not be aware that their rights and personal privacies had been

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