Summary Of The Key To The Kingdom Poem By E. Reed

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The ELA 20 course is focused on childhood experiences through a variety of literature. Poems, short stories, and a novel were analyzed to learn about important influences in a child’s life. The poem “The Key to The Kingdom” by E. Reed teaches about wonder and imagination. This poem shows how children can do very exciting things with it. The novel that was read was To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee, this novel taught about how important education is, both formal and informal. One of the short stories that was studied was “The Metaphor” by Budge Wilson, this story shows the influence of family and peer relationships in shaping a child’s opinion and choices. These literary pieces each taught the students a very important lesson regarding childhood experiences.…show more content…
When children wonder about things going on around them it leads to curiosity Being curious encourages them to learn, explore, and most importantly use their imaginations. Using their imaginations allows children to experience anything they can think of. The vastness of a child’s imagination is shown in the poem “The Key to The Kingdom” by E. Reed. IN this poem, Reed explains that children have the key, which symbolizes imagination to the kingdom of childhood; a kingdom where anything can happen. There are exciting adventures and surprises in this kingdom. Children can sail with Columbus and even fight off Vikings. Reed also writes about how one is older and more mature one cannot explore the kingdom anymore because their imaginations have stopped being used. Imagination is a very important aspect of childhood and people should not only allow children to experience it, but try to use it themselves as well. Children can easily use their imagination and if adults did more often it would be easy for them

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