Argumentative Essay On Drinking Alcohol

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For the past five years, numerous people have brought to my attention a behavior that they dislike and claim to affect me negatively. My family, my significant other, my friends, and some peers have suggested that I should stop drinking because of the negative effects alcohol has on me. I drank every time there was a chance to, and even drank when it was not the right time. Alcohol played such a big part in my life that in order to have fun, I needed alcohol. At first, I did not agree with them, but as years passed, more and more people in my life started to shine light on the negative effects of alcohol consumption and pointed out the unhealthy and damaging decisions I took under the influence of alcohol. To this day, I have not taken the…show more content…
Some negative effects that I recall having from drinking alcohol was having hangovers, not being able to recall periods of time, passing out, throwing up, and changes my blood pressure over time. As time passed the hangovers worsened and now it takes me more time to recover from a hangover than it used to. With time, I also needed more alcohol to feel satisfied, which would often result in blackout periods. In addition, my health started to be impacted by alcohol. I was informed by my doctor that I had high blood pressure which was a result of heavy drinking. When I was diagnosed with high blood pressure, I started to do my research on the effects of alcohol and came across with negative consequences of drinking alcohol. According to Nickovic’s study, “Alcoholism is the third most common cause of death, and chronic alcohol consumption causes liver damage,” (Nickovic 55). After reading and learning on the effects of alcoholism, I decided to finally listen to the people in my life and began to try change my drinking

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