Essay On Peer Pressure

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Oluwatoyin Adewuyi Diana Blackburn Writing 4 20 April 2015 Peer Pressure Peer pressure is an experience we go through one way or the other while growing up. Peer pressure can happen to anyone in various ways and many circumstances. Peer pressure can cause an individual to lose his or her life and can lead to damages to one’s health, which can be either physical, mental, and emotional damages. The effect of peer pressure among youths today is a big struggle in the society. Peer pressure has been known to lead to suicidal attempt. People who feel pressured by their peers sometimes choose suicide to over the pressure. Lot of people have been so badly strained by their peers that they felt committing suicide was the only way to end the scuffle.…show more content…
Their friends smoke and if they don't join in the unhealthy behavior, they feel rejected. The pressure to drink alcohol can affect people of all ages. Teens may be pressured into drinking by their alcohol-drinking peers and adults may feel pressure to drink during after-work social gatherings. Negative peer pressure can be very scary to the victim since there are so many consequences. Intellectually peer pressure can lower one’s self confidence or self-esteem about their physical image which can cause eating disorder, etc. They don't feel good in their skin so they do absolutely what they can to look perfect like purposely puking, not eating at all etc. Physically negative peer pressure has many consequences, but a few severe consequence are brain, liver damage and is the cause for drinking and driving. With all this said, as represented above there are many consequences for peer pressure for everyone involved especially, the victim (Teens mostly). That's why saying, no and understanding that you are fine where you are is crucial to being yourself and staying healthy in every way. In conclusion, the effect of peer pressure among teenagers today affect the society woefully. Due to this suicide and suicidal attempt happens more often nowadays. And use of drug leads to high rate of death among youth. I will love to say there should be more classes provided to give youth the ideas to deal with peer pressure and how it can affect
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