Negative Effects Of Child Abuse

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Children are susceptible to abuse due to their immaturity and dependency. It may get many forms and can be categorized into emotional, physical, sexual abuse and neglect. Various form of ill treatment of a child is considered as child abuse (Almond, 2006). Someone may mistreat a child directly or indirectly, from a family, institution or society. The abuse may also come from those known to that child or by a stranger, an adult or by another child. Many contributing factors, for example financial standing, living conditions, school-related violence, personal relationships can have a significant effect on violence and abuse (Nwoke, 2010). Many complicated reasons are given behind why individual acts criminally and violently towards others, for…show more content…
Indeed, people may argue that adults have self-control over their free will or how they will conduct themselves. Unsurprisingly, not all the child abuse victims will turn out to be a monster in his/her adulthood. Rarely, an individual who spends an almost perfect childhood may swap the situation and prove to be an exactly the opposite character upon reaching adulthood. Nevertheless, enough convincing links exist between child abuse victims and the criminals, who carry out such violence, to infer the presence of vital connection. According the fact sheet of Childhelp (2015), every year more than 3 million reports are made on child abuse in the United States. They termed child abuse as a ‘hidden epidemic’. A child abuse report is made in every ten seconds. Referrals to child protective services annually involve almost 6.3million children, and approximately 3million of these children are an area under discussion to an exploratory report. State agencies have found approximately 686,000child abuse victims in 2012, which only shows part of the…show more content…
It requires working with the children, at the same time protects teachers, school staffs, faculties, ancillary personnel and child care providers. Detailed understanding of child protection matter aims to systematize currently available proposals, also presenting adoption, practical advice and development guidance on better practices in the daily association with school activities. Various organizations, professionals working with children have shared responsibilities for caring children and maintaining their happiness. According to Dickens, (2014) local authorities, need to be concerned about their specific legal duties in provisions of ‘Children Act’ to support and safeguard the children welfare on their

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