The Negative Effects Of Bullying In Today's Society

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Bullying can be defined as one person using their superior strength or influence to intimidate (someone), typically to force him or her to do what the person wants them to do. Bullying in schools has become a normal event in today’s society. Teachers and parents often think that children are joking around or are often jealous of one another. Bullying creates major problems and negativity in the society of today and can very well ruin a person’s life. This essay will discuss the various types of bullying that is prominent in schools as well as the negative effects bullying has on children now and in the future. It will also discuss characteristics of bullies and of targets and also give signs to look for in a child if you suspect him/her to…show more content…
This type of bully is very common in schools, especially in friendship groups. There are three categories to define direct bullying, namely physical bullying, verbal bullying, and being hard on yourself. (Augustyn, 2015) Physical bullying is when hitting, shoving, pushing and any other physical abuse is involved. Verbal bullying can be defined by name-calling, mocking someone and also threating someone verbally. Lastly, bulling yourself can be seen as emotional abuse. (Augustyn, 2015) Examples of this is when you are too hard on yourself because of your academic standards. This types of bullying are likely to happen anywhere but happens mostly in the school…show more content…
There are a lot of negative aspects that could affect the bully and even the victims. (D & M, 2010) Bullying can lead to isolation from school and friends, because they generally believe that if they stop going to school or being friends with a certain group the bullying would stop. Bullying can also lead to suicide and depression. According to a study done by Yale University, victims of bullying are 7-9% more likely to consider committing suicide. (Augustyn, 2015) Bullying involvement also leads to health problems and worse psychosocial development. Bullying could also lead to victims being irritable and have poor concentration. It can also result in substance abuse. Long term problems of bullying that carry on into adulthood are a low self-esteem and usually also abusive relationships. They also have a low psychological wellbeing. (D & M, 2010) Many bullying victims needs therapy to deal with the pain bullying has caused. It is therefore important that bullying events are reported so it can be eliminated in the

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