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The numbers of child abuse have increased in the recent years (American Humane Association, n.d.). Moreover, discipline becomes child abuse if discipline will become physical maltreatment or a daily emotional problem of a child (Oxford Dictionaries, n.d.). Nonetheless, some of the people are still realizing that discipline is a good way while educating their child, but they have never thought that discipline also will become child abuse and affect their children’s future. However, discipline also is a way to let their child tend to succeed while parents use it in a suitable way. Discipline leads to child abuse when it is too strict and applies corporal punishment to a child. Based on the report of Bukit Aman Criminal Investigation Department in 2012, child abuse increased to 43 cases around 17.8 percent between 2011 and 2012 (The Malaysia Insider, 2013). There are several types of child abuse such as neglect, sexual abuse, emotional abuse, medical abuse and so on (Wikinut, n.d. & Hampshire Country…show more content…
Compare to academic performance, western parents more focus on child children behavior and put more effort on take care of children’s self-esteem when educating them. On the other hand, it is important to understand the different between discipline and punishment because the discipline is not same as punishment. Based on the research of Drexles, (2013), discipline is essential and important but punishment is not. This is because, western parents discipline their children based on understanding and accepting children aspiration and motive when they do something. Therefore, parents need to have a clear idea to distinguish between discipline and punishment. In addition, discipline is a way to parents to help their child build a good behavior, having critical thinking before they do anything and always have a positive

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