Gender Inequality Thesis

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Wang Peiyuan PSCI 1001 108724240 20 December 2017 Gender Equality Nowadays, “there are around sixty-two million girls are not in school, one in three women will experience gender-based violence in her lifetime and only 22 percent of all national parliamentarians are female”(). Thus based on what these data show, women from all over the world are still facing a lot of problems and this is a sign of gender inequality, which limited women’s ability to achieve their self-value and equality work with men. Thus, for women, in order to achieve their goal, they need to distribute more and give up more. Furthermore, the gender inequality is not only an issue for women, but also an issue for men and the society. For men, the gender inequality limited…show more content…
“Forty-five percent of Ethiopian women say that they have been assaulted in their lifetimes and 48 percent of Palestinian women admitted to be abused by an intimate partner within the past year”(). Thus, in many developing countries which do not have perfect social security mechanism, women is easily be attacked by man. In the unsafe social content, it is impossible for women to fully participate in the economic and political life if they need to risk physical security cannot be guaranteed. Thus, ensure the physical security of women is the basic requirement for women to achieve their economic and political empowerment. Especially in some cultures, even if women is the sufferer of the violence attack, people do not think it is men’s fault instead of they think it is women’s fault because it is women’s indiscretions that attract men. Moreover, women even need to face the punishment for they bring dishonor to their family and do not deserve sympathy and some women even died because of the honor killings (). Thus, in order to fully participate in social life to gain economic and political empowerment, women need to protest the violence against them to guarantee their physical…show more content…
When mentioned about women, people often think women are obedient, unambitious, meek and always need to be protected by men. Especially in developing countries, girls often be regarded as another expense and useless for family and society. Only men have the right to accept education and inherit family property. For instance, in some areas of India, it’s traditional to greet a family with a newborn girl by saying, “The servant of your household has born”(). This shows people’s traditional thoughts towards women that women only fit to stay at home to take care of her family instead of show her face in public. However, this traditional thoughts is wrong and useless, women also have the ability to make profit for her family and country, so people need to change their mind towards women and acknowledge that women also can do what man can do instead of staying at home to take care of their baby and husband. In addition, changing the traditional thoughts is also good for changing the way we organize work and household affairs so that women can better participate in their workplaces. In addition, the traditional thoughts that women often be regarded as emotional and bad for leadership have restricted women’s professional opportunity. As research shows, “man still dominated most of the executive positions, less than 16% of corporate officers and board members of

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