How Does Social Media Improve Social Networks

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With the proliferation of mobile technology, social media has revolutionized communication. Statistics showed that more than 90% of the 3.3 million Internet users in Singapore visit social networking sites, with Whatsapp, Youtube and Facebook taking the lead. However, are our online social life overriding our real social life or supplementing it? Is social media making us less social instead? There are a few reasons why social media improves our connectivity. Firstly, social media greatly alleviates communication. Research shows that around 67% of users use social media as a key reason to stay in touch with current friends and family members, and about 50% use the sites to reconnect with old friends. Social sites thus remove the geographical distance and fortify relationships all over the world. Professional social platforms such as LinkedIn also allows users to find new opportunities to grow their careers and connect with other professionals online on top of the physical networking sessions. Moreover, social media allowed access to the “personal” life of their idols, where one may never meet unless they are in the right place at the right time. Secondly, social media has the ability to “reach”, by influencing social conduct, generate social…show more content…
However, we are getting less connected on a more interpersonal level due to the false sense of intimacy and connection social media offers. Ultimately, technology is just a tool and social media facilitates the first step towards communication. We are the one with the choice to either allow social media to bring us together or split us

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