John Muir: The Father Of Our National Parks

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He has been called “Wilderness Prophet,” “Citizen of the Universe,” and most commonly, “The Father of our National Parks.” According to the Sierra Club, he was “America’s most famous and influential nationalist and conservationists,” and one of California’s most prominent historical figures.Who is he? John Muir. Born in 1838 in Dunbar, Scotland, Muir grew up with seven siblings. According to Amy Marquis, assistant editor for the National Parks magazine, Muir began his “love affair” with nature at a young age, possibly in rebellion of his very strict religious upbringing. Muir and his family immigrated to Wisconsin in 1849 where Muir would later attend college and his first botany class, which encouraged further love for the outdoors. In 1867, Muir had an accident. While working in a wagon wheel factory, a tool slipped and hit him in the eye. For six weeks, Muir was left wondering in a dark room if he would regain his sight. After those six weeks, he emerged with his eyesight and vowed to do what he loved, studying plants. Eventually, Muir found his way to Yousemite, California where he settled in an isolated cabin. To sustain himself, Muir read Ralph Waldo Emerson’s essays and adventured into the wilderness. Muir became well known for living in Yosemite, and was…show more content…
He advocated for a bill to Congress that would protect Yosemite Valley from domestic sheep, who tended to ruin the grassland. In 1892, Muir also helped establish a now well known club for mountain lovers called The Sierra Club, of which he was president for twenty two years. The Sierra Club fought to push Yosemite National Park to federal control and to establish national forests, among other accomplishments. Muir also met with President Theodore Roosevelt and inspired him to create conservation

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