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Appendix: 2d Evidence to suport the portfolio (appendices) 1 Formative PDP Skills Audit: Based on the careful assessment of my personal skills and feedback provided by my colleagues, family and friends, I have identified few skill gaps and desirable attributes which are needed for completion of course successfully and to become an efficacious manager in future. SKILLS SKILL SCORE (Out of 5) SPECIFIC COMMENTS Coaching 2 Strengths: I act as a mentor for the nursing students in my workplace few times. I am good at listening to them and providing guidance. I encourage them to communicate freely regarding their doubts, opinions, suggestions etc. Weaknesses: Still I am lacking in providing them feedback and planning their goals and objectives.…show more content…
I should use presentation tools for example Microsoft Power point regularly to enhance my presentation skills. I require to increase the quality of my written communication skills like writing formal letters, reports, etc. I feel the necessity to change the way I write like using long sentences and should refine my vocabulary style. Delegation 2 Strengths: I am good in guiding and motivating my staff. Before delegating work to others, I make sure that I have a complete knowledge of the work that I am allocated for. Weaknesses: I won't trust others completely at times. Sometime I do all the work on my own, without involving my co-workers. As a consequence, I feel much pressurised at times and end up with physical and emotional stress. Decision making and problem solving 2 Strengths: I try my best to confront problematic circumstances and solve it. I involve my colleagues too in the problem solving process to come up with right decisions and actions. Weaknesses: I feel that my problem solving skill is inadequate. I am not experienced in taking quick decisions to solve problems. I always avoid conflict situation. I am unable to come up with different solutions for a problem. I let my colleagues to dominate me in making decisions because of my lack of…show more content…
Finishing the Communication module. Personal diary. Group discussion with manager and co-workers. 360-degree feedback. Periodical reviewing of progress. Practise writing formal letters and doing ppt presentations on different topics. Peer review. Participation in communication skills training. Regular involvement in meetings. Online discussion forums. Ongoing and review after 6 months (September 2012). Decision Making and Problem Solving To enhance my ability to understand the problems in a team and to deal with it effectively. To identify the strategies to overcome those problems and to identify conflict resolution styles and skills. To improve my negotiation skills and to solve problems quickly. Get help and discuss with the manager, colleagues and friends. Relevant books. RDI Resources: Groups and Working With Others, Lesson 4: Dealing With Difficult Groups and Individuals. Groups and Working With Others, Lesson 2: Group Dynamics and Team Skills, Lesson 5: Resolving Conflict. Self Management Skills, Lesson 1: Organisational skills. Websites: www.mindtools.com/pages/main/newMN_TED.htm www.maxknowledge.com/tutorials.php http://www.hseland.ie/tohm/portal/programme-home.asp?learningId=088878 UOW library

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