Importance Of Consciousness Of Self

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The “Consciousness of Self” is one of three core values needed to be an emotionally intelligent leader. More specifically, it is the first step required because before you attempt to lead anyone, you must be aware of yourself. It seems like a broad term, but “Consciousness of Self can be surmised within eight categories. These categories are emotional self-perception, emotional self-control, authenticity, healthy self-esteem, flexibility, optimism, and initiative. Understanding these skills and applying them in life allows you to strengthen your sense of self and become an emotionally intelligent leader. In fact, throughout the last few weeks, the class has gone in-depth in reviewing each of these eight topics. Thus, I am now able to identify…show more content…
It was established that out of all eight components the two that needed the most improvement are healthy self-esteem and optimism. However, I believe these two are fairly intertwined for myself. If I strengthen my self-esteem, my optimism will improve and vice versa. Thus, I will focus on the confidence component of “Consciousness of Self”. There are several steps that I can take to gain an optimal self-esteem. A small step that I can take is participating in any class at least once a week. Even if I only answered one correctly, my faith in my myself would increase. If I can learn to believe in myself in class, than it could evolve into other aspects of my life. Secondly, at the end of every day I can list one thing I did that I accomplished and something that needs work. This exercise allows me to recognize and acknowledge my strengths, while providing me with realistic goals to work towards. Additionally, I need to escape my comfort zone and try new things that I wouldn’t have before. If I apply to new leadership positions or go to more events hosted by the college or my sorority, it gives me valid proof that I can accomplish whatever I put my mind to. Despite the outcome, I will step out of my comfort zone, and I will take pride in that. Finally, I could always look to outside resources, like the TED talks we watched for class, to build my confidence. I know I’m not an expert on self-esteem or optimism, but there are so many self-help books and videos available to help me understand more about
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