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Overview My today’s lesson was observed by my supervisor for this phase 2 practicum, Dr Chandran. It was a one-hour lesson and I taught the pupils on reading. Right after the observation sessions, he met the four of us to give some feedback and at the same time he also asked if we have any concerns regarding the workloads given, the school’s activities and the staff. Anyhow, everything is so far so good and we have no issues here. Strengths Based on the written as well as the verbal feedback given, the lesson that I conducted in my class just now was fairly well-planned. I received quite a number of strengths and also the weaknesses. Some of the basic strengths are the content of the lesson is appropriate and the objectives are realistic, which can be measured and achieved. Moreover, he also mentioned that the teaching aids used in my lesson were excellent. For instance, I used real fruits to show the colour and shape of the fruits. Using realias in teaching is believed to have the effect on…show more content…
I need to make sure the linkage and flow of lesson is smooth and has continuity from each stage to another stage. Adding to that, I also have to put extra concern on my instructional language in order to avoid any confusion among the pupils. Regarding the weaknesses I have mentioned above, I am totally agreed with the advice given by my supervisor. He said that I need to minimize the concept introduced in the lesson because the pupils are not like us who can remember many words at one time. In my opinion, I must not too focus on finishing the topic, but to be more focus on the pupils’ understanding. Thus, I think it could be the best way to teach them less but effectively. Personally, I myself do not like when the lecturer is giving too much input in the class because it will be difficult for me to digest and remember. Same goes to my pupils where they should to be taught what is needed and enough for

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