Shooting An Elephant By George Orwell Pride Essay

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Is pride so important in one’s life that there is a need to take another life in order to keep it? In “Shooting an Elephant,” by George Orwell, Orwell tells about an event from his life in which he had to make a choice, a choice of which was more important his pride or his morals. I do not agree with how Orwell handles this particular situation and think that he should have listened to the voice of reason in his head. Orwell is a young British police officer who is very unhappy with his life. He lives in mental isolation and hates the British among other things. He gets a report of a tamed elephant that has broken loose and is wandering around the Burmese village he lives in causing damage. When Orwell arrives at the scene he finds that a villager has been killed by the animal. Orwell then realized he was going to have to make the decision of whether or not the animal would live. After thinking and surveying the crowd that had gathered he comes to the conclusion that leaving without shooting the elephant was not an option. He comes to this conclusion due to the image the British had created among the locals. If he did not kill the elephant he…show more content…
. . upon the will of prostate peoples." He observes personally the cruel imprisonments and punishments the British use to enforce their control. Orwell uses these treatments as emotional appeals because he wants you to see these events through his eyes. This appeal was affective because he got me to see his side and understand his thought process and his need to kill the elephant. These treatments result from the reasoning behind imperialism that says, "Our cultures are different. My culture has more power than your culture. Therefore, my culture is superior in every way, and it will rule yours.” This is a great example of deductive reasoning. He wrote this part of the essay well and used his surrounding and the British image to his

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