Male Privilege Unpacking The Invisible Knapsack Analysis

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While many people don't believe in color dominance, in the essay, ‘White Privilege and Male Privilege: Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack,” Peggy McIntosh discusses the advantages the white race obtains. Such like herself, McIntosh argues the fact that her race gives her unearned privileges that were assigned to her since birth. Although some of these privileges may benefit the white community, they seem a little unfair for the rest of us non-whites.
 McIntosh uses several methods of persuasion that caught my attention. By observing her day-to-day life encounters with the world, she gives us a few examples on how they affect not only herself, but other races as well. Many of these examples found on page 607 through 609 were interesting to me,…show more content…
One example is, “Killers of the Dream” by Lillian Smith was published in 1949, and during this time, the separate but equal law came into effect but still can still be applied today whether we realize it or not. In high school, I’ve observed many “cliques” of single races that often traveled in large groups, giving them the advantage to do what they wished due to the fact that people were too afraid to take a stand. 
 Throughout the essay, McIntosh describes the type of privilege granted to her origin but agrees that it doesn’t grant moral strength. She states, “Those who do not depend on conferred dominance have traits and qualities that may never develop in those who do,” (pg 611 McIntosh) this quote gives courage to grow and expand my knowledge to someday become the boss rather than waiting for power to be handed to me unlike Donald Trump who strives to become president without any knowledge of politics. His main concern is immigration but yet his fame and money came about due from his father’s inheritance otherwise, he would not be in the running this coming up election. McIntosh also relates the dominance of white to the dominance of males by using logos, acknowledging that men believe they’re significant to civilization, but they fail to improve on the prejudice between themselves and women, making them feel

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