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My two best Personal Reading Logs entries for The Hobbit is entry 9/10/15, my third Personal Reading Log found in my Personal Reading Log charts, and entry 9/14/15, my fourth Personal Reading Log found in my Personal Reading Log chart. They are both located behind my Social Media essay. Both of these entries on my Personal Reading Log chart have a green highlighted star next to them. The 9/10/15 entry is my best work because it shows how I am able to figure out an indirect characterization used to reveal an aspect of a character, or as CCSS Reading 1 stated, “Cite the textual evidence that most strongly supports an analysis of what the text says explicitly as well as inferences drawn from the text.” For example, I wrote, “ …Bilbo became more…show more content…
For example, I wrote, “ Dori is expressed through an annoyed tone that makes the reader believe that Dori doesn’t like Bilbo because he is always the one who makes sure or keeps Bilbo away from danger, while he has to risk his life in return.” This shows how I am able to understand what tone the author used to write parts of the story, and how the author used that tone to show how the character trait or personality of a character. These responses help demonstrate my understanding of the book as a whole because it allows me to realize and dig deeper into why and how a character acts or says something in a certain way, and why and how a character developed a new character trait or changed throughout each event that…show more content…
In writing, I learned the main aspects of an argumentative essay, such an opening hook to captivate the reader and a final statement, or the call to action to wrap up all the ideas and project my claim (for or against) to the reader. For reading, I learned how to analyze deeper into a story by making inferences that are not directly told in a story, and by doing this, I was to incorporate my own thoughts into a selection of the novel or story that will allow me to have a greater understanding of the book or story. This quarter, I would like you to remember how much I improved on my Personal Reading Logs from my first one to my last one. Strengths in my work are my Hobbit “Talking to the Text” and my 9/10/15 Hobbit Personal Reading Log’s analysis because I was able to identify how a conversation related or tied back to events that happened in the story, and use context clues to make inferences throughout the conversation, and also how to analyze how and why Bilbo’s character developed. Finally, I would like to say, even though it is only the first quarter, from the beginning of the quarter to now, I have improved greatly in both my writing and reading

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