My Favorite Song Analysis

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Essay on my favorite song Listening to music affects your brain and release some hormones. Listening to the piece you love most enables you to concentrate better. It makes you get relief from any pain you may have and allows you to rejuvenate. Additionally, when you listen a song with others, it can help create a bond with others; thus, can improve your social skills. The song, “Because you loved me” by Celine Dion has value for the society because of the thankfulness portray for love, strength and inspiration to someone special. Music to many is a form of therapy. For example, “Because you loved me” sang by Celine Dion and co-authored by Diane is particularly therapeutic when listen to it. It could be the reason why it has served as a theme song for so many movies. It has been a worldwide hit and has topped the charts in about ten countries; maintaining a number one position on radio and billboards for continuous weeks. The song also won the Grammy Award for best song numerous times. The main theme of the song is…show more content…
When that one person who loves you can let you know and make you understand that tough times never last life will be merry. Personally, the song captivates my heart and considering the tragedies that I have faced in my life, when I listen to this song I get this inner whisper that says I am a survivor and I am strong. I radiate energy thereafter as, the pain, fear, disappointment, betrayal and jealousy turns into love. Stress is converted into eternal sunshine, swimming in an ocean with abundance of flowers and love overshadowing. The tempo is slow, soft and captivates an imagination of yourself in an outstanding corner with someone you love dancing. Ordinarily, even if you do not have someone who love you, listening to this song you know you are not by yourself as all the love you need, God will shower you with it no matter
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