Nietzsche Apollononism And Dionysianism

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Many know that the existence to the two sides of the “coin” is between good and evil, the wise will say that it is best to have both. The similarities that both Greek god brothers, Apollo and Dionysus, have with both East of Eden brothers, Aron and Cal are identical in some aspects. An individual will choose to carry themselves with behaviors that are either Apollonian or Dionysian, a mixture of both helps compose an impeccable balance that will let an individual live a life at its full potential without causing damage to oneself or others. Precisely, the virtues and environment that is created in the personal life of an individual and within themselves correlates with Nietzsche's concept of Apollonianism and Dionysianism, which is reflected…show more content…
He speculated that the two forces of Apollonianism and Dionysianism can be unified to have a diversity of outcomes in a person and that way the “artist” is generated. Nietzsche portrays this philosophy as a phenomena in the following, “Let us begin by viewing them as the separate art realms of dream and intoxication, two physiological phenomena…” (pg.462) Apollonianism would be the art realms of dream; wanting order, serenity and a structure, it can be the preferred environment that one wants to be around in order to appear as successful. Dionysianism exists as the complete opposite, it remains seen as the art realms of intoxication; consisting of chaos, desires, and disorder; it makes one's life more enjoyable but it does not bring any good, more damage than anything.The Task brothers possess either Apollonian or Dionysian characteristics which leads them to having distinct futures and relationship with Mr.Trask, their…show more content…
With the “death” of his wife leaving Mr.Trask a widow, he became in charge of educating them and molding them into men with morals. As Aron and Cal came to the age of adulthood, they took on after their parent’s attributes; coinciding with each other, the brothers became the complete opposite of one another. Being more refined, responsible, and reserved, Aron was the mere reflection of Mr.Trask while Cal picked up the rebellious, carefree and reckless personality of his mother (Kate). Remaining apparent that Mr.Trask preferred and valued Aron more, Cal felt neglected and acted upon the instincts to seek for love from his father but instead was face with the cold shoulder. Furthermore, growing up into the men; their father wanted them to follow after his steps and become somewhat like him, but, as Nietzsche mentioned, “Every artist must appear as “imitator”. Either as the Apollonian dream artist or the Dionysian ecstatic artist in one.”(pg.466) The brothers served as artists in their own lives, and they were able to create it, they labeled themselves as an Apollonian dream artist or a Dionysiac ecstatic artist with how they chose to conduct themselves, their sole actions said it

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