Economic Importance Of Cowpea

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Today, cowpea can be found growing in several countries across all continents having been carried to these new centers by explorers, traders and researchers. Cowpea may have reached India as early as the Neolithic period and preceded the Christian era since it has a Sanskrit name in writings dated to 150 BC and may be the center of secondary domestication (Perrino et al., 1993; Timko et al., 2007; Timko and Singh, 2008). Spanish explorers may be responsible for introducing cowpea into the to the West Indies around the late 17th century from West Africa through the slave trade and then into Central and South America almost at the same time from where it entered United states (Perrino et al., 1993; Timko and Singh, 2008). The cowpea was then introduced to the south of Europe around the Mediterranean, where they were grown and used by the Greeks and Romans (Perrino et al., 1993). 2.4 Economic importance of Cowpea…show more content…
The fodder derived from cowpea plant has a potential to increase the annual income of cowpea farmers by 25% (Dugje et al., 2009; ICRISAT, 2011). Trading in freshly produced seeds and processed food and snacks provide farmers, rural and urban women with the opportunity for earning cash income (Singh et al., 2002; Singh, 2002; Langyintuo et al., 2003). Cowpea farmers provide fodder for in situ grazing after harvesting when fodder is scarce (Inaizumi et al., 1999; Nhamo and Mupangwa,

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