My Senior Year Research Paper

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My senior year in high school, the head track and field coach told me to give up on the 110 meter hurdles. He said and I quote, “The beginning of your race is so slow that you’re not going to be successful this year. I think you should move on from hurdles and run the 4x800 meter relay.” Like many coaches I have dealt with, he valued the relays higher than regular events. However, that wasn’t any excuse to tell me to throw away all the hard work I’ve done in the past two years. The even more surprising part was, I wasn’t bad at hurdles. If I had to say myself, I was . . . above average, but still good enough to make it to the state championships. So when my coach told me to move onto the something else, I was flabbergasted. But soon this…show more content…
No movement at all; just waiting for the gun to go off. A faint, blurry image of my coach had developed in the back of my mind, “You can’t do it. You’re going to get out slow. You’re not going to do well. You shouldn’t be running hurdles, you should do the 4x800 relay.” The negative thoughts were racing through my mind, almost to the point where they seized control. Then . . . I opened my eyes and said a quick prayer. When I finished, I knew it was time. “BOOM!!!” The gun had gone off and so had I. I not only had gotten out the blocks fast, but I was the first one to the first hurdle. Swift as a gazelle, I flew over each hurdle. Up, Down, Up, Down. I didn’t even skim any hurdles despite the fact that I was running more aggressive and more powerful than ever before. The crowd was cheering, but surprisingly I heard nothing. Not the cowbell that rang from the nosebleeds nor the whisper of the wind right beside me. Silence was the only thing that passed through me ears. The finish line was approaching, and still no one was ahead of me. Not to sound cliche, but I could taste the victory. The salty, sweat that ran through my mouth. I never said victory tasted good. However, as I crossed the finish line, that taste was golden because I had proven my coach wrong. And that taste was worth
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