Master's Degree In Textile Engineering

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To me fashion is an eternally evolving outlet for self-expression. I have a profound interest in how clothing can portray a message about one's self. I am particularly fascinated by the progression in the accessibility of garments since the fashion boom of the 1960s; I'm greatly inspired by the various cultural styles that have since been reshaped over the generations. Needs of apparels are fundamental and purposeful. I aspire to travel the world to see fashion in different cultures, as culture has shaped apparel business around the world. It is after a good deal of self-evaluation that I have decided to pursue my Master’s degree in Consumer and Design Sciences-Apparel and Interiors under the College of Human Sciences of Auburn University.…show more content…
The excellent facility, faculty and the wide spectrum of courses have given me an excellent command on the fundamentals of Textile Engineering. Being exposed to the various facets of Textile Engineering, I found more interest on apparel and coloration. My study exposed me to a wide range of meticulous and comprehensive knowledge on yarn, fabric and garment manufacturing, textile coloration, pattern making, product design, industrial engineering, testing & quality control, fashion marketing. My junior thesis work and two months industrial training in apparel and dyeing section gave me a sound and broad conceptual basis and practical experience. During the M.Sc. in Textile Engineering program, I have boldly realized and felt convinced that my true liking and aptitude lies in Fashion Merchandising and Retail Studies. So, I enrolled myself in Apparel Merchandising course and secured the highest possible grade…show more content…
As a Technical Production Leader my responsibility involved contingency planning, apparel development follow-up, sourcing vendors, costing and negotiation, compliance audit, quality audit and final inspection. I learned leadership, team work and gained broader conception of the apparel markets as well as its consumer behavior. I have undergone intensive professional training that has honed my skills and bolstered my confidence. My working experience with Bangladesh Textile Today as a Technical Team Member gave me wide exposure to contemporary research. I published eight technical articles like “Prominent presence of top retailers and fashion brands in Bangladesh” and “Laser fading technology: facts and

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