Essay On Miss Emily In William Faulkner's A Rose For Emily

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As the majority of the people in the town of Jeferson felt pity for Emily and regarded her as a victim she on the other hand took advantage of it. This gave her a certain power over them. She became that person who represented what the South used to be, that role model they all looked out to, the only standing monument representing the preservation of the old Aristocratic south. Talking about power the narrator tells us how after her lover had left her they hardly saw Miss Emily. Later in the story Miss Emily neighbors had begun complaining about a certain smell coming out of Miss Emily’s home. (A group of men had to sprinkle lime along the foundation to counteract the stench of rotting flesh, the townspeople skulk along the edges of Emily’s life and property). The house, like its owner, was an object of fascination for the people of Jefferson. The people of Jefferson projected their…show more content…
They broke open the cellar door and sprinkled lime there, and in all the outbuildings. (120) In the latter paragrah its described how people of the town themselves (broke open the cellar door of Miss Emily’s home and sprinkle lime in there in order to stop the disturbing smell). We can also observe when she demands arsenic the pharmacist she uses that Aristocratic influence to get things her way not needing to respond to any question. The lack of Miss Emily consideration to the town shows how much she did not care about what they thought of her and those doing the work for her showed their subjectivity towards

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