Unoka In Chinua Achebe's Things Fall Apart

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1. Dupe (noun): an easily-fooled person Okoye is considered a dupe because of his decision to loan Unoka money. Unoka never re-paid the debts he borrowed from his neighbors. When Okoye requests a re-payment, Unoka tells him “I shall pay you, but not today” (7). 2. Inadvertent (adjective): due to an oversight, negligent Unoka is an inadvertent person, as he never re-paid his debts before his death. In his hut, he has a wall labeled with all the debts he owes people. The list extends as much as five groups. 3. Ominous (adjective): menacing Okonkwo proves himself to be ominous after he nearly murders his wife, Ekwefi. His outrage over a dead banana tree and a murmured word from Efwefi pushed him over the edge and intensified his anger. He not only emotionally hurt his wife but also his children whom witness the entire encounter. 4.…show more content…
Repudiate (verb): disown, refuse to accept Okonkwo’s father, Unoka, is proven to be a poor and disrespected person. This leads Okonkwo to repudiate him and create a new name for himself. Okonkwo’s pride is clearly represented through this word. 5. Reprimand (verb): to scold severely Though his wives and children try to obey Okonkwo, he finds any way to reprimand them. When he finds his banana tree dead he says, “Who killed the tree? Or are you all deaf and dumb?” (38). His anger is very hard to console and even harder to contain. 6. Belligerent (adjective): seeking war, hostile The enemies who killed Udo’s wife acted as belligerent people. Not only did they murder an innocent woman but also they almost inflicted a war that could have ended drastically. Their actions were very inhumane and as a result Ikemefuna and a virgin were removed from their homes and forced to live in

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