My Reflection Of Learning: My Journey To Learning

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The Journey to Understanding Several years ago, when I was around 10 years old, I started on one of the most impactful experiences of my life; volunteering at a non-profit therapeutic horseback riding center. The Farm, as everyone called it, was a truly magical place where everyone was welcomed and respected. There was something incredibly serene about the Farm, lush green pastures full of beautiful horses, peaceful wooded trails to take the riders through; complete with colorful and creative sensory activities, and the comfort of knowing people were working to change other’s lives for the better, all contributed to the happiness of all who visited. I learned an extraordinary amount during my time there. One thing that became clear was even though the Farm was an accepting place, I discovered not everyone shared the views and acceptance of those at the Farm. I learned sometimes people judge others on their appearance, the way they talk, their age or their…show more content…
It molded my views on how having a disability doesn’t have to define you in anyway. I was unbelievably lucky to have been given the opportunity to be welcomed into that environment and taught so much by the staff and the riders. If more people were granted this experience I believe our society would be a kinder and more understanding place. People can be unpleasant and judgmental, but the Farm was a place where everyone chose to leave their assumptions and judgments behind to come together and do something extraordinary. We had riders with a variety of challenges and some had quite difficult lives, but they were given an escape from that, and freedom knowing someone was always there to help and teach them because that’s what it came down to, the therapy the riders were being given helped to improve their quality of life physically, but it was the enjoyment they got that was what made it all worth

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