How Does Critical Thinkers Overcome Confusion

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Critical thinkers can overcome the confusion Like everyone else, sometimes critical thinkers also have their own confusion about somethings. What sets critical thinkers apart is that they did not stay confused. When they can look up something in a reference book or check with the authority, they take it as the initiative. Then, they will find the answers for their confusion. Furthermore, what they also needed the most is more times to carefully think about their confusion. That is all what they need to overcome the confusion. When the critical thinkers meet sentences that whose meaning eludes them, they will consider the number of possible meanings and answers to make them more understand. Then they will choose the most likely the correct and right one.…show more content…
Just how broad is its meaning? Then she considers it how the proverb applies to other situations when the small boy is having the trouble to catch the ball and blame the thrower. Another example is when the students are having the troubles with the course; they will put all the blame to the teachers. Finally, the critical thinkers concludes that the proverb covers a wide variety of situations and they also might be paraphrased it like “People tend to blame others for their own shortcoming”. As the critical thinkers, we need a time to overcome the confusion in order for us to get the answers and this will make us become more understand it. We need the time because we need to carefully thinks about the confusion and the problem in order to get the best and the correct answers. Critical thinkers take the time to produce many

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