Plato's Understanding Of Justice In The Republic Of Plato

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What is Justice? The Republic of Plato is a world renown book that emphasizes the importance of understanding what true justice is in the eyes of the ancient greek philosopher Socrates. What is the problem with justice? According to Glaucon, the ring of Gyges is the problem with justice. If you were to give a seemingly just person the ring of Gyges, then they would do the exact same thing with it that an unjust individual would do. This being said, a “just individual is never truly just because if they are handed the opportunity (the ring of Gyges) to become unjust, then most individuals will do exactly that. Socrates says "a just man tries to get the better of his unlike, but not of his like; and unjust man tries to get the better of both”…show more content…
The three parts consist of reason, which is the top of the hierarchy and consists of rational decisions. Next, is the spiritual part which takes precedent over the final part, which is desire: the most inferior of the three parts. The hierarchy of the three parts of the soul is very important when understanding Plato’s understanding of justice. These three parts almost work as a system of checks and balances, with reason governing over the other two parts. As stated above, reason is rational decisions. It’s the part of the soul the “which it calculates the rational part” (439d) which means it is the reasonable part. Spirit knows what the fear and it knows that reason is always right. Desire is the part that only wants, and doesn’t see the bigger picture. The only way that true justice can be reached in the soul is if all parts work together and do their own work (443d-e). This is also true for justice in the…show more content…
Again, justice in the city also works with a hierarchy system that consist of guardians at the top, then warriors, and lastly the craftsmen. The guardians are regarded as the most wise and just people for the position. Usually they are philosophers and are older people who have more life experience. Next, are the warriors whose job is the obey the guardians and keep an eye on the craftsmen for they have the upper hand on them. Lastly, are the craftsmen who are the least “educated” and are at the very bottom of the hierarchy. The way each class work is this: you do your job or any job in your class and nothing else. Craftsmen consists of carpenters, shoemakers, and other hands-on jobs. It’s ok for a craftsmen to work as shoemaker but not as anything thats above his class. Same goes for guardians and warriors. They can only work within their class, not above or below it. In order for the city to work in a just way , then the city must “become entirely on, moderate and harmonious”

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