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Over all else, I would choose robotics. I have poured my heart into designing and building robots ever since I joined my school’s FIRST Robotics team in my freshman year of highschool. In addition to FIRST, I have spent the past two summers working at an educational robotics startup. I am now spending my free time building a four and a half foot bipedal humanoid robot with a friend. I love the challenge of solving design problems and coming up with unique solutions, and I hope to eventually start a business creating robots capable of helping and working alongside humans. I aspire to create robots that make a difference in the world by helping the elderly stay in their homes longer, educating the next generation, and assisting in disaster situations too dangerous for humans. This dream has been nurtured and shaped by my family community of passionate support and strong morals. Since I was a kid, I have been very interested in science, math, and building, and my parents and grandparents have been incredibly supportive of my interests. In elementary school, my dad read me math problems and puzzles to solve every night before bed. During middle school, he read to me from The Feynman Lectures on Physics. Now, I give back by nurturing these passions in others through my leadership in my school’s FIRST Robotics team.…show more content…
At home, my family emphasizes hard work and generosity, and I feel that these values are the core of my being. My role in the family combines my upbringing of intellectualism and selflessness: I give back by helping my mom with technology and my brother with his math and science homework. Everyone has a role in my family, but out of generosity rather than obligation. We all work as a team by contributing in our areas of expertise. My family culture has encouraged my passions and given me a love for using my gifts to help

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