My Passion For Mathematics

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From an early age I have been fascinated by Mathematics and the way it stimulates flexible cognitive thinking. Doing a BS in Mathematics at IBA, I enjoyed the variety offered by Mathematics, in terms of the modules I studied. I now want to expand my knowledge and understanding of Mathematics by obtaining a Master’s degree from a prestigious institute that will enable me to take up a teaching and research career. My love story with mathematics began at an early age. In high school, I scored the highest in my batch on the Kangaroo International Mathematics Contest and received other merit certificates for math. In A’levels, I aced the inter-house math contests and was an active member of St Patrick’s Gauss (Mathematics) Society. In university,…show more content…
My passion for it began from school, in the tenth grade, when one of my teachers allowed me to give occasional lessons to my peers. I found early on that I had a natural ability not only to explain mathematical linguistics, but also to communicate the exhilaration of mathematical exploration. Throughout middle school and high school, I fell naturally into the role of tutor and mentor, eventually becoming aide to the math department, teaching mathematics and further Mathematics in my A ‘levels to my peers and juniors in my free slots. In IBA, I was hired as a Teaching Assistant (TA) by the Math Department thrice, for courses in Statistics, Calculus and Mathematical Methods. The most pivotal teaching experience during this time was for courses Calculus 1 and Calculus 2. I worked as a TA for Dr. M. Shahid, the head of the Math Department at the university, and a teacher who always focused on intuition-based learning. I found conveying the basic foundations of math to the freshmen and sophomores thrilling, and developed strong leadership skills and the ability to work under pressure.The practice of using numerous books and online resources to find different solutions has built up my confidence to explain answers, and assisted my self-study for extra…show more content…
I quickly adapt to new environments and have a desire to continually learn new things. In my opinion, college days should not just focus on earning a degree and studying. One should play an active role in all aspects of university life; at IBA I was part of the community welfare society, volunteering at Fatimid Blood Bank last summers, and being an active part of IBA’s environmental cleansing project ‘Cleanistan’. Being a part of the World Association of Girls Guide & Girls Scout (WAGGS) for more than 10 years and serving as coordinator at the Community Education Centre for two years, has helped instill a sense of social responsibility within my personality. In my spare time I enjoy reading Mathematics books, novels and newspapers, going to the cinema and cooking. I also like to take care of my physical health and besides visiting the gym frequently, play badminton as an enjoyable exercise. Therefore, I like to think of myself as a well-rounded and confident individual, and look forward to facing the challenges which lie

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